Hello from Monterey, California.

This post is about the Fisherman’s Wharf in the Monterey Bay area.  I want you to be sure that you understand this is not Cannery Row.

Cannery Row is farther to the south on a rocky area.

The core of our business here in Monterey, California is search engine optimization for small businesses. Therefore I feel it is my duty to be aware of the stores that are operating and serving customers in the area.

I believe many customers to fisherman’s wharf come from San Francisco area and they may be involved with the Internet as well. I see many people carrying mobile phones on the wharf.

The advantage of the technology these days is that we can find what we are looking for faster if the merchants have optimized their websites to be found in mobile search.

You can find great buys on fresh fish here.

You can find great seafood restaurants on fisherman’s wharf and on municipal wharf number 2.

And I don’t know if you can fish off the pier. It is not something I would really want to do.

I was there one day with my friend and I seem to recall that people were fishing off the pier, but it was pretty cold so we stayed a few minutes to look at the sea lions and then we returned back to the fisherman’s wharf area.  There is a market that sells fresh fish and fresh fruits.

If you buy your food here you can take it home and make a fantastic fresh meal.  I don’t know of a place that sells fresher fruit for you to prepare while you’re visiting here in the Monterey area.

If you have good questions about using the Internet for marketing your business, remember this article was written by Excalibur websites Inc. small-business Internet marketers here in Monterey, California.

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