Surfing at the end of 2016

Monterey, California.  Although we are involved with  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet marketing consulting here  on the Monterey Peninsula, we do have other interests. Surfing is one of those interests. Now, I know some people knock surfing, but if you haven’t tried it you ought to give it a try.  The water here in […]

What is one of the best beach activities?

Monterey, California. There are many beach activities one can participate in here at the Monterey Peninsula. Some of these would include walking on the beach collecting shells skim boarding wading in the water surfing but he boarding and the best actor in a save for the last and that it last activity is throwing a […]

Relax and Rejuvenate at the Beach

When you visit the Monterey Bay area, come visit the beach. Why? Because the beach will rejuvenate you. That’s right, get with it. Come down over here to the beach in Monterey California for your next vacation. Imagine the fantastic shopping we have here in Monterey.  There are tons of amazing shopping stores here in […]

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