Monterey, California.

There are many beach activities one can participate in here at the Monterey Peninsula. Some of these would include walking on the beach collecting shells skim boarding wading in the water surfing but he boarding and the best actor in a save for the last and that it last activity is throwing a Frisbee.

Actually, if you stay at some of the hotels in Carmella California or in the north part of Monterey and Seaside California you can stay very close to the beach.

In this way when the sun rises in the morning, you can see if the surf’s up. If you have time you can think of for a few minutes about using your computer or about Internet marketing, but you really need to stay focused on enjoying your vacation not on work.

Trying a Frisbee is a good activity because it is easy to involve others. It is also really easy to get a lot of exercise throwing a Frisbee because most people can’t throw out correctly and I will go and great distance by itself.  At this point it might be good to have a dog to chase a Frisbee that way you will get more throws in.

So again, there are many activities here in moderate California at the beach. Some people even fish at the beach and I don’t have the patience for that so I’m not recommending that you. There are Monterey California fishing charters however and we may provide reviews on those soon.

Written by a beach lover and one of the best Seo consultants in the San Francisco Bay area.

Thank you.

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