When you visit the Monterey Bay area, come visit the beach.

Why? Because the beach will rejuvenate you.

That’s right, get with it. Come down over here to the beach in Monterey California for your next vacation.

Imagine the fantastic shopping we have here in Monterey.  There are tons of amazing shopping stores here in Monterey and in Carmel and in Pacific Grove.

Are you looking for a nice dress for the next party?  We have you covered, get it?  (I just thought that up.)

Yes, now I remember. We can share our secret day spa locations with you. This way you and your friends can get amazing pedicures and facials on your vacation!

Besides, you can come to fill the rest of your shopping day with a lunch with your friends.

The next step will be to have a rendezvous with your man to share an after dinner drink by the fireplace.

What are you waiting for?  I have a person to maintain my website and who does WordPress support so they can take any problems you have a way and you can come vacation here.

How much longer do we have to wait to see you here in this beautiful city in Monterey?

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