If you like to have fun, Cannery Row at night is the place to be.

Just look at the picture above and you can see the beautiful blue colors you may counter soon after sunset on the beach at Cannery Row.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is located on Cannery Row. Although I don’t recall the price, I believe that it was reasonable. I remember seeing many kinds of fish that I had not seen before. They have a fantastic “water tube,” for lack of a better description that allows you to be underwater and since you are in the tunnel, filled with air, it’s just like walking down the sidewalk underwater.

It would take you two or more nights to explore Cannery Row.  So be prepared to return to Cannery Row for another visit if this is your first visit.

My visit to Cannery Row was a while ago, and I remember only a couple of things.  I saw a shop that sold olive oil.  There was a shop that sold Indian lanterns. There was a candy shop.

And there were restaurant after restaurant that looked so delicious I had to force myself to keep walking so I could get home and write this post for you.

So I will reiterate, come down to Monterey (and you may also have heard of Carmel) and come to Cannery Row at night and get more out of your vacation.

Thank you.

Written by Jeff, professional SEO Consultant San Francisco

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