This post is written by a person who is a resident of Monterey, California.

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So, what is so great about Monterey houses?

I discussed this with an architect friend of mine one day walking down the street in Pacific Grove, California.

It was a Sunday morning and we were enjoying looking at many of the beautiful houses up and down the street.

I guess that many of the houses were over 100 years old. Almost all of the houses were in super great shape; they have been maintained well over the decades.

Some houses really stood out, like this picture of a Victorian era house. The workmen had just developed tools that were able to cut wood in intricate patterns and so they took advantage of that when building many of the houses here in Carmel and Pebble Beach and Monterey, California.

The thing is, all of the houses are unique. No house like this will ever be built again especially in this location so the houses are in any way, priceless.

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Until then, have a great vacation in Monterey California.

Thank you.

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  1. Amazing service. The wind was blowing hard after we won our 43 foot-class Regatta, and my cheese burger would have become chilled overly quickly, but the help stepped in, making a human barrier, blocking the wind, so we could eat sheltered from the wind.

  2. Time – we’ll fight against the time, and we’ll fly on the white wings of the wind. 80 days around the world, no we won’t say a word before the ship is really back. Round, round, all around the world. Round, all around the world. Round, all around the world. Round, all around the world.

  3. I love this post! Some of these houses are really amazing. A couple of them should be sold to be renovated.

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